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About Us

About Road Trippers Club

About TheRoadtripsCo

The RoadtripsCo (RTC) is a growing pan-India community to discover new places, meet new people and indulge in unique experiences through road trips. RTC travels together in a convoy and their trips are for everyone - families, individuals, couples, friends, and even pet owners!

RTC first started in Mumbai in February 2018 and has grown to over 17 cities in just one year. Their road trips include everything from day drives to weekend getaways that are also child-friendly and pet-friendly. For the more adventurous ones, there are expeditions to explore far away destinations.

RTC simplifies road trips and makes weekends fun by bringing together new and experienced road travellers for drives across India. The biggest advantage of travelling with RTC is that their road trips are safe, convenient and for everyone.

RTC encourages everyone to come down for meetups where they can get to know their fellow travellers (old and new) better. RTC also gets the community together for food and photo walks, training sessions and workshops. Discovering your city and beyond, together, is at the core of RTC.

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