Why is travel good for the soul?

Why is travel good for the soul?

Why is travel good for the soul?

theRoadTripsCo | 17/05/2019

Recovery and Rejuvenation are often the buzzwords while discussing a holiday.

It isn’t just about physical or even mental relaxation. Travel is good for your soul. It expands your world view and teaches you new perspective. Here’s why travel is a holistic experience for your mind, body and soul.

Mental peace

Traveling gives you a break from your daily life. This gives you time to relax, gather your thoughts, and generally allows your mind to be free. This is more important than ever in today’s busy life. We need a break from our everyday schedule, because otherwise mostly everything works on autopilot. You deserve to take a breather and come back refreshed, away from schedules and meetings and commitments. This is time for just you, and it is very valuable to focus on your mental health in this fast paced life.

Time to reflect

You are relaxing on your holiday, and having a great time. Travel is, however, much more than that. It gives you time to reflect on your thoughts and gather yourself. Just like focusing on your mental peace, this is also an important part of travel. Gathering your thoughts is ultimately going to be beneficial for you first. The advantage spills over when you are back to your daily routine. You can do this with renewed enthusiasm, because you made an effort to focus on your priorities. Remind yourself what your goals are, and remember what drives you. This will go a long way in being able to work towards your goals with single minded focus. All because you took the time to relax and reflect.

New experiences

Travel gives you so many new experiences. These are things you won’t always find at home – be it new people, new cultures, new customs or new festivals! The world has much to offer and nobody has seen it all. Every time you experience something new, it changes you as a person, little by little. A broader mindset, an appreciation of culture, and an inclusive worldview are just some of the things that will occur. It is a feeling you get only by traveling, unrivalled by anything else. What travel destination made you feel this way?

Cell phones away!

Cell phones are great, right? We get to keep in touch with everyone around the world instantly. Sometimes though, that’s not what you need. What you need is some me-time and some peace. How are you going to nourish your soul, if all you can think of is social media and FOMO? Sometimes, we at RTC go to destinations with low cell phone network. Yes, we do this on purpose. Yes, people love it. Sometimes we miss out on the beauty before us because we are distracted by our screens. This is a small attempt to remedy that and give you a space with as less disturbance as possible.

Close to nature

Travel comes in many forms. Sometimes you want to be in a bustling city, visit a cultural hub, or the trendy new destination of the season. Sometimes you want to be in the lap of nature, with bubbling streams, imposing mountains, and beautiful valleys. They’re all good for your soul in different ways. But if you really want time to find yourself, nature is really the greatest gift we have. It is a blessing to be able to see all these beautiful, naturally occurring works of art. Somehow, nature manages to put you in touch with something within you. A deeper sense of connection to this world we live in. And that is unbeatable by any festival, market or carnival. Isn’t traveling to nature more fulfilling?

Meet new people

Of course, meeting new people is something we will always mention. We at RTC have a strong sense of community, and are glad to know we have helped forge so many new friendships on our travels. The way that seeing new places and being connected with nature gives you a better worldview, so does meeting new people. Everyone has their own story and their own experiences. Just a conversation can give you a different perspective on things. Real conversations are even more valuable in this era. You never know which person or what sentence will set you down a new path. That’s the beauty of it.

That’s why travel is genuinely good for your soul. You can work on your mental peace, be more in tune with yourself, reflect, make new friends and generally be refreshed. It will give you a new perspective, a new world view. And with RTC, you can be sure that we focus on safety and a sense of community, so you can relax worry free. Have you been on a trip that gave you a new perspective? What is your favorite destination for a bit of soul searching? Let us know in the comments below.

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