The RoadTrips Co: Spreading happy travel vibes everywhere

The RoadTrips Co: Spreading happy travel vibes everywhere

The RoadTrips Co: Spreading happy travel vibes everywhere

theRoadTripsCo | 16/05/2019

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Most of our adult life is spent doing whatever it is that we do, for five days a week, just so we can put food on our plate and pay the bills. Weekends are typically spent at the nearest mall or in the movie hall, followed by a stint at the food-court or some fancy restaurant in the neighbourhood. Meeting the same people and chatting up the same things that you’ve always been doing.

Not anymore!

Enter the The RoadTrips Co – a community that’s committed to spreading happy travel vibes everywhere.

Yes, that’s right - a community, a family; one that welcomes everyone, from infants in their parent’s arms, to kids across ages, including those who’re seventy and beyond. As long as you love roadtripping together, we’re more than happy to have you and your furry, tail-wagging friends along!

We’re a support system that’ll nudge and goad you, into ditching the mall-hop and getting out there into the beautiful countryside. We’ll be there, along with you, showing you the way to better roadtripping culture and encouraging you to spread your wings and soar. All this while there’s a familiar safety net, for you to fall back on should you feel the need to do so at any time.

We’ll be there together, cheering you along as you hit the highway for the first time. We’ll show you places which you never perhaps knew existed, right beyond your backyard. We’ll create a safe space for our human and furry kids to explore and give the elders in the family, the loving support that they deserve.

We’ll also be there to lend a helping hand when you bust a tyre, drain your battery or get you out of a tricky spot. We’ll also help with the routes and lead you down paths unknown, sometimes getting lost, but always making it back home.

Should all this sound a lot like something you’d love; then come join us, as we mark and embark on an exciting new adventure every weekend!

Catch us at one of our ‘In-City MeetUps’ where you get the chance to interact with like-minded Road Trippers and core RTC members; a brief primer, so to speak. Sign up for a Sprint, if you want to get out of the routine, but have only a day to spare. Or Join us as we head out on a weekend Getaway, where you relax and free your mind, like you’ve never done before!

The family’s growing rapidly and we’re now present in 17+ cities across India, so the chances are that you’ll spot us, at one of the many exit points in your side of town, FoSho!

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