Self drive vs Car pooling

Self drive vs Car pooling

Self drive vs Car pooling

theRoadTripsCo | 17/05/2019

There’s a bit of a debate in the road tripper community about whether it’s best to have self-driven cars on road trips, or go for carpooling.

There are advantages to both! That’s why it’s sometimes difficult to decide. Honestly, it’s completely up to you, and it also depends on what kind of trip you are planning. We here at RTC love both ways!

You might think, “Of course I am going to take my own car! Aren’t there so many benefits? Isn’t there so much more ease?” We agree. Or you might think, “Carpooling is so much more fun! I can hang out with people who enjoy the same things.” We agree with that too! So let’s find out more about both available options, and then you can decide what you like best!


It’s always nice to have your own car. You know exactly how it behaves, and what those occasional sounds mean. It makes you more comfortable because you just know. If you’re someone who is keen on solo adventures, this is probably the option you would pick. If you enjoy driving as well, then this is probably your dream. Just you, your car, open skies and great music. Do we hear a sigh of pleasure? Then driving your own car is definitely the best.

Also, if you are planning to travel with family, then you do need your own car, because comfort for your family is unquestionably important. You have your own space to do whatever you want, and you don’t have to worry that it will bother anyone else. If you’re traveling with small children or senior citizens, this is something you need to consider. They often need comparatively more space and provisions.

Whether traveling with family or friends or solo, there’s another big benefit to driving your own car. You can stop whenever you want for however long you want. You don’t need to worry about inconveniencing other people. If you want to stop for a meal, for a spot of shopping, enjoy yourself! If you’ve found a pretty spot, a little stream or old caves, go right ahead and explore it! Or if you simply want to rest because you’re tired, that’s completely fine too. You won’t be delaying anyone, or putting a damper on the general excitement. It’s your trip, and you make the rules!

It’s just an added element of comfort and ease on your trip to have your own car, and create your road trip on your own time and schedule. If you have an independent streak, this is the way to go. It just gives a more homely feeling, even on the road, away from home. And that is a feeling we all can appreciate.


If you enjoy traveling with others, carpooling is a great option. If you haven’t tried carpooling on road trips before, let us assure you that it is definitely not boring! You get a chance to meet new people if you connect through a community like RTC. We’re actually pretty proud of the number of friendships that have developed on our trips. It really warms our hearts.

An added benefit is that when you meet likeminded individuals, the excitement is infectious. It just takes the fun to another level. Your fellow travelers will chime in with suggestions and fun facts and all sorts of information that will make your trip so much better and exciting. When you find such a community, it is really one of the best feelings. You might even connect with them and make new friends!

When you’re carpooling, you can also take turns driving. That way, it isn’t just one person who has to keep their eyes on the road for miles. They get a chance to relax while others drive, so you’re still making good time. Plus, everyone will contribute towards fuel equally, too. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s cost effective.

Speaking of cost-effective, you can also share meals and other expenses as a group. It’s more fun at a less cost. How can you beat that? It feels like a picnic of sorts, and even mealtimes are fun. And there’s always that one person in a group who will have thought of everything, so you’ll probably have OTC meds, first aid and snacks! It’s like traveling with a group of friends that are all equally excited about the trip and are looking forward to having a wonderful time. Like we said, the excitement is infectious.

Do you think driving your own car is the way to go? Or would you rather carpool and enjoy with likeminded enthusiasts? Or do you have some other way of going about your road trips? Tell us what you think in the comments below! We’re happy to help you plan your trips too, so feel free to reach out to us.

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