Living the Road Tripping Dream with an Infant

Living the Road Tripping Dream with an Infant

Living the Road Tripping Dream with an Infant

theRoadTripsCo | 17/05/2019

Skeptical about travelling with an infant? We have that covered! Give this a read

“But he’s so small!”

“Are you sure, it is safe to take him out on the road?”

“How do you manage your infant with road-trippers you haven’t met?”

“You guys are really mad you know.”

Ever since we got blessed with @AuleePor, we knew we’d want to take him out and explore the world. But, there were still a lot of uncertainties in the head. Sure, we’d been avid travellers, closely connected with the RoadTripping community and life; but we were still new parents, raw and unsure about how to go about introducing our child to the exciting possibilities of the world ahead.

I remember our very first outing together. It was an RTC Breakfast Sprint, down to Hotel Ahura, that’s known for its delicious Parsi cuisine. The eve of our trip, we spent our time debating on whether we should take Onkar along or not for it. He’d only turned 3 months old, and his maiden road-trip with the family before had thrown up a few speed-bumps. The morning though, we decided to take the plunge and plonked ourselves in the car, with the simple decision – that, if things got unmanageable for junior, we’d turn around & hot-foot it back home.


All fears proved to be unfounded, upon reaching the meeting point. As we gathered around to introduce ourselves to our fellow-RoadTrippers, we discovered a support system that welcomed our child as one of their own. People took turns to keep him entertained even as they lined up for the group photograph.

The regroup point also turned out to be a nappy-change pit-stop. As our fellow road-trippers started trooping in to ask and offer their help, I couldn’t help but smile at their reassuring gesture. Here were a bunch of people we’d only just met. Some a trip or two before, but most of them, on this first trip together, and yet, they were actively extending their support and help to us. The mental peace levels couldn’t have been higher.

Even at Ahura, where we were to have our breakfast, arrangements were made so that our baby could have his space. Anyone who’s ever travelled with an infant knows that meal stops are a rushed affair, with attention constantly required on the baby. We had a corner for the rocker & his kit-bag. Plus, our RoadTrippers also took turns to cradle & play with him so we could eat to our hearts content. This all-inclusive, infant to senior-citizen friendly nature of RTC is what has drawn me most to them.

We’ve had 3 trips & 2 city meet-ups so far with Onkar, thoroughly enjoying each one of them. Everyone’s like this one big family that gives us just the support and reassurance we need. The safety net of the community is a huge factor in making us look forward to RoadTripping more often, both, with the RTC India family & on our own.

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