How many of these places have you visited?

How many of these places have you visited?

How many of these places have you visited?

theRoadTripsCo | 22/08/2019

Maharashtra is blessed with beautiful mountainous reliefs, cliffs, waterfalls, forests and of course the tall and proud forts that speak of its glorious history. With so much diversity around, there’s a lot to explore in Maharashtra. Here’s a list of some amazing places that will likely fill your bucket list.

1. The proud Kalavantin Durg
One of the various jewels of India, Kalavantin Durg is located very close to Panvel (About 17 Kms). A relatively difficult trek, with the monsoon rains that make the views breathtaking and the climb nerve wrecking. The base village to start this trek is the Thakurwadi village from where one can go to both Prabalgarh Fort and Kalavantin Fort.
The greenery and weather makes the trek more fun, especially during the monsoons. It also makes the trek far more difficult due to the slippery terrain. Someone has said rightly – No pain, no gain!


2. Kundalika River
In a small village, Bhira, at around 160 kms from Mumbai, the Kundalika River originates in the higher elevations of the Sahyadris, cascading over the cliffs and finally contained in the Mulshi Dam. The river flows through thick forests and rice fields of a region of what was earlier the princely state of Bhor. River rafting in Kundalika river is the USP of the place. If you are seeking resorts providing nature and adventure based weekend breaks, look no further. Kundalika Rafting Camp, Village Kamath, is just one of the fabulous properties owned by NT.


3. Sea Fort of Vijaydurg
Vijaydurg fort was built in 1195, an era in which sea faring was barred by religion! This place reflects the ingenious craftsmanship and bravado of ancient masters, and has advantage due to its location. The 40 km long waghotan/kharepatan Creek is a great example for it. The large size ships can not enter the shallow water of this creek and hence Maratha warships were anchored in this creek. These ships were invisible from deep sea.



“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly
and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 
-Eleanor Roosevelt




4. Tadoba and Andhari Tiger Reserve
With an alter-name ‘Jewel of Central Maharashtra’, Tadoba and Andhari tiger reserves are spread over an area of 625 of beautiful forest lands, making it one of the finest & largest National Parks in Maharashtra. Its name 'Tadoba' is derived from the name of God "Tadoba" or "Taru" whiich is praised by local tribal people, whereas "Andhari" is derived from name of Andhari river. It has about 43 tigers, still roaming around freely in their natural habitat.



5. Umbrella Falls, Bhandardara
The Umbrella Falls are the falls formed under the Wilson Dam and the force by which the water falls on the naturally placed rocks that gives an impression of an umbrella. There is a little foot bridge that connects the Pravara River that one can use to cross and enjoy a closer look at the falls and the dam. Gushing, meandering and making their way through the resilient cliffs of the Sahyadri, Umbrella Falls are formed due to the backwaters of the Wilson Dam. it is one of the oldest and yet surviving dams of ASIA! Romantic and charming, Bhandardara is one of the best kept secrets of Maharashtra.


6. Shivneri Fort
Shivneri, a place where history was born, symbol of honor for every Maharashtrian. A tall, proud and majestic fort overlooking the pretty town of Junnar. Shivneri more than a trekking destination is popular as a weekend picnic destination and a 'pilgrimage'. Shivneri fort is a well maintained fort and all the important landmarks in Shivneri fort has been well marked thanks to ASI.


Comment below and tell me how many of these beautiful places have you visited and which ones will be your next destination? 

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