Fun Facts about Solo Road Trips

Fun Facts about Solo Road Trips

Fun Facts about Solo Road Trips

theRoadTripsCo | 17/05/2019

Solo road trips are something everyone must experience at least once in their lives.

It is not just a trip, or a way to see something new – a solo road trip also becomes a journey of self-discovery, a magical experience. The independence and freedom to do whatever you want is exhilarating. You can just walk around for hours, soaking in the sights of a new place. You are your own boss. So yes, we love solo trips. Here are some things you should know:

It’s safe!

Contrary to what many may think, solo road trips can be absolutely safe. Whether you choose to go it alone or with RTC, safety should always be a primary focus. With RTC, you don’t even need to think about it for even a moment, because we’ll do everything you need in that aspect. It is of utmost importance to us that we ensure the safety of our road trippers

If you are traveling solo without RTC, or your own travel club, or friend group, you have to take precautions for your own safety. You have to be alert, make provisions, and always have a plan for what to do in case of emergency. It is advisable to keep in touch with some friends or family members so that they know where you are and can expect to hear from you regularly.

Meet new people!

It is always fun to meet new people and strike up friendships. It’s even better when those friends have the same interests and hobbies as you do. Meeting other travel lovers adds another dimension to the fun while discovering new places. Who knows, they might know some historical or cultural stories about the place that you won’t easily find online. Or they might have found some nice local spots to eat and have fun. Who knows what hidden gems you will learn or discover in such a diverse group?

With RTC, you’ll meet a whole bunch of travelers from different walks of life and all age groups. Even if you choose to travel completely solo, you will still meet people in your hostel or hotel. This way, you get to see the same place from many different perspectives, which adds a whole new level of enrichment for you.

Leave it to us!

We at RTC will take care of the travel routes, bookings, accommodation research and options – basically all the things that usually stress people out about planning a holiday. All you have to do is show up! You can be carefree and enjoy the trip without any hassles. We believe this is the perfect way to enjoy a holiday trip. After all, you’re doing this as an escape from your daily life. So why get caught up in the details?

You can still go off and do your own thing whenever you want, but we will be just a phone call away. Plus, if you have any questions of the destination, we’re here to help. So, you have absolute freedom and can travel wherever you like, completely on your own if you wish. We’re here if you need us!

Learn more!

It’s always a good idea to research your prospective destination before you take a trip. The deeper your research, the better. It is good to have a well-planned itinerary, so that you can see more places and fully utilize each delightful day of your vacation. This adds to your knowledge, and when you actually get there, it will add to the joy of the experience. You can even share tidbits of information with fellow travelers and make new friends along the way!

With RTC, we will help you with a general guideline of places you can visit, and then you can do your research and narrow it down to what you want to spend your time on. Hence, instead of starting from scratch, you already have a base on information to build on. If you’d prefer, we can even create a structured itinerary for you based on your interests and with your inputs. If you are someone who does not enjoy planning, this is definitely for you! No planning hassles, just follow the list.

That’s why we think a solo road trip is something to experience at least once in your lifetime. You can relax, focus on your self-discovery, make new friends and discover hidden gems. When you come back to the daily grind, you will come relaxed, rejuvenated and with a new perspective on things.

Solo travel surely does change you. Plus, with RTC, you also have the assurance of safety, security and a sense of community. Best possible combination! Have you ever been on a solo road trip? What’s the thing you cherish most about it? Let us know in the comments below.

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