Best one day trips near Kolkata

Best one day trips near Kolkata

Best one day trips near Kolkata

theRoadTripsCo | 11/04/2019

Being a wanderer, we are always in the search of short trips to explore nearby attractions of the city.

Kolkata, with its amazing nature and well-preserved historic beauty, has got some of the finest attractions. So, let’s get geared and visit some of these places near Kolkata.


It is one of the most beautiful spots to visit near Kolkata. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and greenery, you will experience the peace and warmth that will refresh you from the stress of the daily routine. Fish farming is one of the most famous things people visit Bawali for. One can spend their day taking long relaxing walks in the lust of nature.


A spiritual place near Kolkata, Tarkeshwar is famous amongst the tourists. The beauty of the temple is one great hold that has been enticing the tourists towards the place. The calmness around the temple gives a vibe of spirituality which attracts the tourists. You must visit this temple for seeking the blessings of the Almighty.


At just few hundred KMS drive from Kolkata, the world is completely transformed. You will be surrounded by the dense forests rich with exotic wildlife, picturesque beautiful land of Dooars. The beauty of this place is compelling enough to change your itinerary. Land of Dooars holds a mystic beauty that enchants every visitor.


In the quiet corner of Kolkata, it is a little beach close to the Sundarbans. The waves roll high, washed in the golden hue of sun rays, it’s a great place to witness the sunset. The evenings turn this beautiful beach into a mystic place to be with a loved one. 


Samsing looks just like a page from a children’s bedtime storybook. It is pure nature and that’s how it has being maintained. It is one of the best places to meditate, relax, and connect to your inner soul. For nature lovers it can be used for trekking, camping, and bird gazing. So, sit back and soak in the most peaceful experience of the lifetime.

Kolkata is definitely a city that touches your heart!

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